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EZ Up Stirrup Extenders & Legsavers   -  Make Mounting Your Horse Easy!





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  • Do You Have Difficulty Mounting Your Horse From The Ground?
  • Do You Wish You Could Take The Mounting Block On The Trail?
  • Are You a Little Out of Shape or Have Knee Pain?
  • Do You Have a Tall Horse?

              Leg Savers                                              EZ Up Stirrup Extender - Up Position                               Down Position



Leg Savers - Swivel to Reduce Knee Stress caused by stiff fenders.

EZ Up Just a touch of a button makes mounting easy by adding 3" to your stirrup length.

Then pop it back in place with just a touch of the toe when mounted!


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EZ Up With Leg Savers - Combo

Combines the horse mounting ease of the Stirrup Extender with the leg comfort of the Leg Saver swivel.  This is the most popular EZ Up product.  Click for more information.

Orig.: $139.00
Sale: $136.00

Leg Savers

Leg Savers swivel so your stirrups are always in that perfect position for comfort.  Reduces knee stress.  This well constructed stirrup swivel rotates a full 360º. It is very easily installed and will lock in any position. Stirrup sold separately. Sold in pairs.



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