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Horse Beginner's Guide
John Lyons From Ground to Saddle Beginners Set

John Lyon's  - From Ground To Saddle,

"A Beginner's Guide To Horse Handling"

 3 DVD's + Workbook - Over 4 Hours of Video Lessons Geared to Your Level

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    Have a child or grandchild just getting started with horses?

Are you a beginning horse rider? 

Have you had some riding lessons, but still feel you need a refresher? 
Have you been away from riding for a number of years? 

Just bought your first horse?


A Begginer's Guide - Focusing on Safe Horse Handling

 Horse riding and ownership is a wonderful sport.   But, let's face it.  Horse handling is not the same as handling dogs and cats.     For example, with dog handling, many of us wrap Fido's leash around our wrists.  This ensures that Fido doesn't get loose and annoy the neighbor's cat.  However, wrapping ANYTHING at all connected to Blackie, the horse, and to your body is a BIG No No and extremely dangerous.  Also, horse handlers should always minimize, or eliminate, the amount of time they spend standing directly in front of any horse. Horses can spook suddenly and run over the handler.    With any animal, contolled leading makes the experience pleasant, but with horses, it's imperative to be able to control the animals position and speed.

These are just a few of the important safety tips new horse owners need to keep in mind.   This 3 DVD Video set (Over 4 hours of Video) with a workbook that supports the video lessons and provides additional helpful information pertaining to the lessons. This set is a must have for the new horse enthusiast.


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