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Used EZ Ups


Used EZ Up Products - While Supplies Last

We have a limited supply of "Used" EZ Up products.     These are EZ Ups that have been returned due to incorrect size or incompatability with an unusual stirrup design.

Here is what we guarantee on these.

All pieces are included, clean and in working order.

However, due to the rock bottom pricing and free shipping cannot accept returns on used products due to size or other reasons.

Sorry - the used Leg Saver Swivels have been sold.

Used EZ Up Stirrup Extender

Mounting has never been easier!  Your left stirrup pops down 3" with the push of a button  - then locks back into place with a touch of the toe.  It is made of the strongest possible grade of aluminum available whil remaining light-weight.  AND, they're made right here in the USA.


Used 3inch EZ Up Combo - Stirrip Extender with 2 Swivels


Used 2 1/2 Inch EZ Up Combo Stirrup Ext w Swivels